Loft Ladders with Hatches

Our practical range of Loft Ladders with Hatches

Looking to finalise your loft conversion or access point with a complete and practical solution? Discover Loft Centre’s full range of classic and contemporary loft ladders with hatches that provide the ultimate operation for quicker and simpler access to your loft space. Offering a vast collection of materials and designs, whatever your style or budget, we have loft ladders equipped with hatches to suit every need.

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At Loft Centre, we value our customers and pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, sophisticated designs that provide stylish accessibility at an affordable price. Our loft ladders with hatches are carefully crafted to offer reliable and robust access whilst suiting a variety of design needs. If you are shopping for the perfect loft ladder and assisting loft hatch, combine your search in a convenient, modern package when you explore our range of loft ladders with hatches.

Need help deciding which loft ladder and hatch to choose? Head over to our Guides and FAQs for expert advice or simply get in touch with one of our specialists - our team are always happy to help!

Choose the right loft ladder and hatch for you and browse our complete range today.

  • Do I need a loft hatch with my ladder?

    A loft hatch is required if you are accessing your loft space for storage or minimal use and therefore a hatch and extendable loft ladder will provide the best solution for your access needs. However, if you use your attic space as an extension of your home such as an additional bedroom, relaxation space or kitted-out attic for regular use, then you will require a fixed loft ladder or staircase.
  • How much to install a loft hatch and ladder?

    The average cost to install a loft hatch and ladder can depend on a few factors including the type of ladder you are fitting, the materials used, and the overall difficulty of the job at hand. Typically, this can be priced around £500-£700.
  • How to fit a loft hatch and ladder yourself

    If you are confident in your DIY skills and have chosen the loft hatch and ladder to suit your needs, then fitting it yourself can save a lot of money (and let’s face it, feel very rewarding too!). Please visit our guides on how to install a loft hatch and how to fit a timber folding loft ladder to help you with this process.

Contact us for more information on our range of loft ladders with hatches

If you need more information about our range of loft ladders with hatches, or if you have any specific requirements, please contact our sales team by email or call us on 01243 785 246 during working hours.