Spiral Staircases

Modern spiral staircase designs

With both classic and contemporary spiral staircases available in kit form, we have spiral stairs for every application. Whether you pick up one of our Dolle Calgary Anthracite Spiral Stair Kit with its contemporary look, multiplex beech treads and stylish steel balustrade, or a Gamia Wood Deluxe Spiral Stair Kit, bringing warmth and character to any home, you’ll be sure to find something in our extensive range.

We understand that it can be difficult to know which spiral staircase is right for you, and so to take the guess work out of this process, we’ve created our handy guide on choosing the right spiral staircase for your needs. In this guide, we provide helpful advice about what you need to consider when choosing a spiral stair.

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  • Do Spiral Staircases Save Space?

    A Spiral Staircase compared to a traditional main staircase will save you space within your room layout. The design of a Spiral Staircase means that the steps are positioned within its diameter and they will not exceed beyond this footprint. A Spiral Stair’s flexibility means it can be tucked into a corner location of the room which then maximises the rest of your living space. We are able to offer the Phola Spiral Stair Kit with its 1050mm diameter it can be installed in places where more conventional spirals simply won’t fit.
  • What Are The Building Regulations for Spiral Staircases?  

    For building regulations in relation to spiral staircases being used for one habitable room, it is essential that the individual step rise measures no more than 220mm. Another important factor is that you can not have gaps of more than 100mm situated between the balusters or the individual steps. Riser bars can be fitted between the steps to reduce these gaps. Spiral stairs may also need a minimum clear step width of 600mm. All these aspects covered are just guidance and it will be the decision of the building control officer on site to judge whether your spiral stair meets the regulations.
  • Do Spiral Staircases Add Value?

    Depending on the style of staircase being installed - spirals often do add value potential to your property. Appreciated by designers and architects, they provide very stylish solutions to homes that may struggle with limited space, as functional statement pieces to homes or other buildings.
  • How are Spiral Staircases Supported?

    The Centre Post forms the foundation for all spiral staircases, it will have a solid base plate that will be mounted to your floor area. Each individual step is positioned from the Centre Post working around in either a clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation. Supporting balusters and a handrail will be affixed to the widest part of the step to provide a safer climb up the spiral staircase. The top larger landing step is secured to either your loft opening or mezzanine floor area. This then gives the spiral staircase a stable and supported structure at both the top and bottom.

    At Loft Centre, we are here to help ensure that every customer finds a staircase or loft ladder that works for them, regardless of space, so if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team!

If you’re sure that a spiral staircase is the product for you, why not look below at some of our top selling products:

From modern steel and beech combination spiral stair designs to glavanised steel spiral stairs ideal for exterior locations, Loft Centre is a UK supplier with the perfect spiral staircase solution for you.

The spiral staircases we stock are extremely stylish, but also safe to use and, more importantly, are long lasting, meaning years of safe use accessing your mezzanine floor or attic space. Many of our spiral staircases can also be personalised for your home or application, and offer an opportunity to add accessories, for example upper floor balustrade kits and riser bar kits, providing extra safety and usability. If you do have any specific needs, just contact our sales team and let us know what you’re looking for. We’re always more than happy to help.

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If you need more information about our range of spiral staircases, or if you have any specific requirements, please contact our sales team by email or call us on 01243 785 246 during working hours.