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We offer a wide selection of high-quality loft ladders from Columbus Treppen, now known as Roto Treppen, who have been manufacturing for over 60 years in Augsburg, Germany. Columbus Treppen revolutionised the industry in the mid-1950s with the development of the concertina loft ladder, and since then, they have continued to produce many variations of high-quality loft ladders and stairs. Today, Roto Treppen is a leading manufacturer of precision-made retractable ladders, utilising state-of-the-art technology to create products that are both reliable and meet customer specifications.

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At Loft Centre, we are proud to have worked alongside Columbus/Roto for almost two decades, building a reputation for excellence and reliability. We stock the Columbus Piccolo Premium and Columbus Junior Concertina loft ladders, both of which are precision made and built to last. For those with specific requirements, we also offer the Columbus Exclusive and Columbus Ecco Mini Concertina loft ladders, which are perfect for bespoke projects. Whether you're looking for a reliable loft ladder for your home or office, or you need a custom solution for a specific project, Loft Centre has you covered. Browse our full range of Columbus loft ladders today and experience the quality and craftsmanship that sets Roto Treppen apart from the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions about Columbus Loft and Attic Ladders

What distinguishes Columbus loft ladders from other loft ladder types?

Columbus Concertina loft ladders are unique in their design and construction. Unlike other ladder types, they comprise a series of connected rungs that fold up accordion-style, allowing them to be compactly stored in the ceiling when not used. They are an excellent choice for homes and offices with limited space, and they are designed to be sturdy, reliable, and easy to operate.

How do I know what size Columbus loft ladder I need?

To determine the correct size for your Columbus loft ladder, you need to measure the floor-to-ceiling height of your space. Columbus ladders come in various sizes to accommodate different ceiling heights, so selecting the ladder corresponding to your specific measurement is essential. You can also consider the available clearance above and below the loft hatch and the maximum weight capacity of the ladder to ensure that it is suitable for your needs.

Can I install a Columbus ladder myself, or do I need a professional installer?

While installing yourself is possible, we recommend hiring a professional to ensure that it is installed safely and correctly. Loft ladders require specialised knowledge and skills, and an expert can ensure that the ladder is installed securely and meets all necessary safety standards.

* Please note, we do not offer services that installs the products we sell.