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With customer needs in mind, Fantozzi manufactures robust and reliable ladder solutions that can be used in various domestic and commercial applications. Its broad product range covers steel folding ladders, concertina ladders, electric concertina ladders and mezzanine ladders.

Robust and reliable solutions with Fantozzi

Our exceptional collection of Fantozzi loft ladders are meticulously crafted with a focus on durability and safety. These ladders are designed to provide a reliable and secure access solution for both residential and commercial settings. Whether you prefer folding ladders for compact spaces, electric options for added convenience, or the versatile concertina style, our Fantozzi loft ladders cater to a wide range of needs and complement various architectural styles.

*Please note, we do not maintain stock due to the extensive range of ladder sizes available and therefore delivery times from Fantozzi typically range from 3 to 6 weeks, depending on the specific product.

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Why Choose a Fantozzi Loft Ladder

With a rich history spanning 30 years, Fantozzi Scale has developed into a leading Italian company specialising in retractable loft ladders. Renowned for their commitment to safety, Fantozzi has prioritised product development in alignment with European ladder regulations (EN 14975). Loft Centre partnered with Fantozzi in 2013 and their extensive range of ladders is meticulously designed to ensure optimal safety while providing convenient access to loft spaces.

Popular Products from our Fantozzi Range

Fantozzi Gallery Stairway - A thoughtfully designed solution that maximises space. When not in use, this ingenious stairway can be neatly tucked away parallel to a wall, saving valuable room. When the need arises to access your mezzanine floor or loft space, its effortless design allows you to extend to the desired angle of ascent, making your vertical transitions seamless and efficient.

Fantozzi Electric Aluminium Concertina Loft Ladder - The perfect blend of functionality and elegance, this exceptional design integrates a sleek aluminium concertina ladder with a premium electric motor, enabling effortless remote-controlled lowering and raising of the trapdoor and ladder. Embrace convenience and sophistication with the Fantozzi Electric loft ladder.