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Fantozzi Tre 3 Section Steel Folding Loft Ladder

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The Tre loft ladder is a high-end, ready to fit unit that offers reliable and robust access into a variety of both domestic and commercial applications. 

For international shipping, contact us to discuss your needs.

  • The heavy duty steel ladder (painted White) folds into 3 sections.
  • Hatchbox constructed from 1.2mm thick steel (painted White) and measuring 140mm deep.
  • Trapdoor constructed from 16mm thick chipboard veneer.
  • Double handrails fitted to both sides of the ladder as standard.
  • Two top exit grab rails to assist the user (Not painted White).
  • Complete with operating pole, full Installation instructions & fittings.
  • Suits floor to ceiling heights up to 5.0m.
  • Available in a range of standard opening sizes - see Technical Data section.
  • For the Tre ladder dimensions - see Technical Data section.
  • The unit has a counterbalanced spring operation for ease of use.
  • The Tre loft ladder stores completely within the hatch opening.
  • The hatchbox is fixed into position using 4 clamps which allow it to be installed into a floor thickness up to 280mm.
  • Made to Measure sizes are available - see Extra Options section.
  • Tested and certified to EN 14975 (European Ladder Standard).
  • Max working load: 150 kg.
Information and installation downloads:
Fantozzi Tre - Standard Sizes
Floor to Ceiling HeightStandard Structural Opening Size (L) x (W)
2300mm - 2900mm 1200 / 1300mm x 700mm
2910mm - 3000mm 1300mm x 700mm

Fantozzi Tre - Ladder Dimensions
Overall Width (Includes Handrails) 440mm
Useable Tread Width: 350mm
Tread Depth: 70mm
Fantozzi Tre - Extras
ProductsPrice (£)
Tre Loft Ladder 
- Ceiling Height: 2300mm to 2640mm
- any Standard Structural Opening Size (see Technical Data section)
Tre Loft Ladder 
- Ceiling Height: 2650mm to 3000mm
- any Standard Structural Opening Size (see Technical Data section)
Quality Plywood Trapdoor (14mm thick) £60.00
Draught Proofing for Trapdoor - Rubber Seal £55.00
Self-adhesive non slip strips (Not pre-fitted to the treads) £35.00

Above Prices include VAT

Special Sizes (Standard Heights) **
Ceiling Height (Standard)Special Size Structural
Opening (L) x (W)
Price (£)
2650mm - 3000mm 1400 to 1500mm x 700 to 1000mm £1050.00
2650mm - 3000mm 1600 to 1800mm  x 700 to 1000mm £1200.00
2650mm - 3000mm 1900 to 2000mm x 700 to 1000mm £1375.00

Above Prices include VAT

Special Sizes (Special Heights) **
Ceiling Height (Special)Special Size Structural
Opening (L) x (W)
Price (£)
3010mm - 3200mm 1300mm x 700mm £900.00
3010mm - 3350mm 1400mm x 700 to 1000mm £1070.00
3360mm - 3650mm 1500mm x 700 to 1000mm £1100.00
3660mm - 3950mm 1600mm x 700 to 1000mm £1200.00
3960mm - 4250mm 1700mm x 700 to 1000mm £1245.00
4260mm - 4550mm 1800mm x 700 to 1000mm £1390.00
4560mm - 4850mm 1900mm x 700 to 1000mm £1540.00
4860mm - 5000mm 2000mm x 700 to 1000mm £1675.00

Above Prices include VAT

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This product is not on a 1-3 working days schedule.
It comes directly from our supplier as we do not hold stock.

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