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The Prova Railing System is a custom-fit product that can compliment any indoor or outdoor living space. Its aluminium structure for both the handrail and upright posts are well designed to provide a safe and secure product. The horizontal infills made from stainless steel complete the design to form a modern and contemporary railing solution.

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Versatile design with multiple fixing options

The aluminium railing can be mounted to the floor of a mezzanine or decking area with each upright post being fixed to the horizontal surface. Not possible to fix to a horizontal surface? Then Prova provide a wall mounted version of the aluminium railing whereby each upright post is fixed to a vertical surface.

Prova have also took into consideration the type of surface the railing is being secured too. With the choice of hexagon bolts if you are securing to a wooden deck or heavy-duty anchors for concrete surfaces.

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If you need more information about our range of aluminium railing systems, or if you have any specific requirements, please contact our sales team by email or call us on 01243 785 246 during working hours.