Wooden Loft Ladders

Top quality wooden loft ladders

Here at Loft Centre, we are pleased to bring you a fantastic range of wooden loft ladders which create a contemporary and cosy feel to any home, without skimping on safety and usability. Our wooden folding ladders have been designed with quality, style and functionality in mind, ensuring you peace of mind when you install our products in your home.

Whether you’re looking for a disappearing stairway, a folding wooden attic ladder or straight flight ladder, we’ll have the right product, and more importantly right size for you.

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  • What are the main benefits of wooden loft ladders?

    The benefits of wooden loft ladders are that they have a quieter operation compared to metal ladders. They also offer comfort to yourself especially underfoot with sturdy, non-slip steps. Your hand grip whilst climbing a wooden ladder benefits from the smooth, warm feel of the timber. With the Stira Heavy Duty Timber Folding Loft Ladder it also comes complete with two timber handrails for a safe and secure climb. Wooden attic ladders complete with a hatch do not take up extra space in the loft as the ladder will fold on itself and sit securely on the trapdoor.
  • How do you fit a wooden loft ladder?

    The first stage to fitting a wooden loft ladder is creating or modifying your ceiling opening to a size ready to take the product. You will then need to prepare the ladder by attaching it to the trapdoor and installing the spring arm mechanism (product dependent). Once the ladder preparation has been done the timber casing frame needs to be secured to the joists by drilling and screwing into place. You will then need to lower the ladder to the floor and make any adjustments to the ladder length (by cutting) so it suits your ceiling height. To complete the job, decoration to the edge of the loft opening can be achieved by fixing architraves.
  • Do all of your wooden loft ladders come with a hatch?

    Most of our wooden loft ladders will come accompanied with a hatch making a strong and stable access solution into your loft. They will also include a spring assist mechanism to aid trapdoor lowering and the trapdoors come with varying levels of insulation. Our best insulated wooden loft ladder is the Dolle ClickFix 76 Timber Folding Loft Ladder which offers a low U-value making it more energy efficient compared to other ladders. We can offer a wooden loft ladder without a hatch, this is a one-piece ladder known as the Dolle Straight Flight Wooden Loft Ladder ideal for mezzanine applications.

Only the highest quality

Crafted from fine quality timber, our wooden loft ladders are sturdy and durable, and we offer a selection of fire rated and insulated trapdoors for your safety and peace of mind too. Our wooden ladder materials make for a strong and stable access solution to any number of entries, whether that be for your attic or access in commercial situations.

For loft opening sizes that are less common, we can offer special measure options for our wooden folding loft ladders so that your specific needs are met. Additional accessories for your ladder can also be purchased such as handrails and metal loft exit grab rails to give you a little more assurance when climbing your ladder.

Why not look at some of our top sellers below to get you started on your journey:

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