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A highly versatile collection of staircases, the mezzanine style is a sleek option for ease of flight and saving on space. With a comprehensive range featuring stairs with wide treads, alternating treads and gentle angles for ascent and descent, find your perfect fit today.

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Convenience in a Contemporary Design

Our range of mezzanine loft stairs are meticulously designed and crafted to seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetic appeal. These stairs serve as a stylish transition between levels, offering flexibility and practicality, with safety at the forefront. Whether you want to maximise space in a modern loft or add a touch of sophistication to a traditional setting, our expertly curated collection of mezzanine stairs caters to diverse tastes and design preferences.

  • What are the Current Mezzanine Stair Regulations?

    Mezzanine stair regulations vary by location and are typically governed by local building codes and safety standards. However, there are some general principles that are often considered in mezzanine stair design and construction. Stairs should meet specific dimensions and incline requirements to ensure safe and easy access. Handrails are commonly mandated for safety, with specifications regarding height and design. Additionally, load-bearing capacity, fire safety, and accessibility standards may also apply. For more accurate and up-to-date information, consult the local building authorities or regulatory bodies in your specific location.

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