When Do I Need to Install a Staircase For a Converted Loft?

In this FAQ, we talk about when a staircase installation is necessary in your home.

What is a loft staircase?

A loft staircase is a permanent access solution for conversions. Staircases are available in a variety of styles, colours and designs, which makes them perfect for installing into any home. A staircase will add a new element to the surrounding room, and of course give you reliable access to your newly refurbished space!

Why can’t a loft ladder be used instead of a staircase?

A loft ladder might be your first thought when you are deciding which access solution is best for your new space, however, ladders cannot always be used for a number of reasons and regulations. Most importantly, a loft ladder can only be used when your loft is solely for storage space. This is to reduce the amount of regular traffic your loft ladder will receive, keeping it working in a safe and sturdy manner for years to come.

If your new conversion is for a habitable room you will need a permanent staircase installed and fitted, which complies with the relevant building regulations. Remember it is your responsibility to ensure that any local authority approvals for necessary regulations have been obtained! These will vary according to your application, so we advise you always check before going ahead with a purchase.

When should I have a loft staircase installed?

Due to a loft staircase being a permanent fixture it will add value to your home. If you have already added value by converting a loft into a usable space then don’t stop there! Having a staircase installed will only increase the return you see. Converting your loft without installing a permanent staircase will not constitute a separate living space, meaning that the potential added value you could get would be lost.

Therefore, if you have had a recent conversion with added value in mind make sure you maximise this avenue by having a staircase implemented. Secondly, for habitable rooms secure access and escape is needed with concerns to fire safety. To ensure you have adequate fire safety regulation for the household a new stair serving the new room(s) will be needed. Where there is not room for a full traditional loft staircase it is possible to use a ‘space saving stair’, which provides solutions for those more difficult room layouts. A loft staircase can be designed and adapted to suit your requirements and adhere to general safety criteria.

How can Loft Centre help?

Loft Centre offers a range of loft staircases to use in your home, made in a variety of different styles and designs. For example, we stock the Dolle Normandie Wooden Space Saving Staircase Kit, which has been adapted with wider and deeper treads for a much gentler angle. This economic model is a very comfortable stair to have installed, and can be made shorter or narrower for those tighter spaces. This space saving staircase option does not skimp on safety or usability and will give you a fantastic permanent access solution to your newly converted room.

We also stock the Composity Adjustable Modular Staircase, which is an elegant high-quality staircase system offering very aesthetically pleasing contemporary design. Designed with quality materials to give a strong and robust structure this versatile product will add a touch of class to any room setting.

A fantastic permanent staircase option to add an eye-catching design element! Our loft staircase collection includes many more style options to suit your unique needs. Explore our staircase range to find the perfect access solution for you!

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