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Loft Safety

A loft is an incredibly practical space that provides the perfect solution for keeping your household tidy and well organised. They are great for storing childhood memories, equipment that you promise you’ll definitely fix one day… and of course, holiday decorations that make an appearance once a year!

Nevertheless, as common as the loft is, it can often be a very risky and dangerous place to get carelessly injured. With piles of boxes on top of each other and a few too many items covering the floor, it is important to ensure that you are being safe every time you enter. So here are a number of loft safety tips that we recommend this winter.

Our Top 3 Loft Safety Tips

Tip 1. How to Access your Loft Safely

Youngman Spacemaker 2 Section Aluminium Sliding Loft Ladder

Youngman Aluminium Sliding Loft Ladder

Many lofts will not have a suitable loft ladder installed and whilst we strongly recommend that you install one, many people will still drag out the old ‘go-to’ step ladder. The problem with this is the lack of safety, so if you are set on using one, here are things you must check beforehand:

  • The locking bars
  • The Feet
  • The steps and final platform
  • Fixings and hinges

You must make sure that these parts are still in sturdy, reliable condition and contain no dents, bends or deterioration. Finally, you must ensure that the step ladder reaches the entrance of your loft - we don’t want anyone leaping to their destination or your journey could change to the hospital!

By installing a loft ladder, you will minimise the risk of the ladder itself falling - so now you only have to worry about yourself. You must pay full attention whilst climbing up a loft ladder; you must use both hands and be looking in the direction that you are climbing. In addition, if you would like to increase loft safety levels even further, it is preferable to have another person oversee just in case you slip. Installing handrails to your ladder will also provide an extra feature of security.

Tip 2. How to Store Items Safely

A man storing cardboard boxes

The primary use of a loft is of course storage, from anything to everything! The key to using your loft space both safely and effectively for storage is to make sure you consider the layout of how items will be stored. Consequently, it is advised to put items that you use frequently near the entrance and items that are used less often, at the back. This way you will not only prevent yourself from crouching for half an hour under a triangular roof but will avoid breaking the contents of the boxes by accidentally stepping on them.

Additionally, stacking boxes of the most important things around the loft entrance is a good idea for saving you the hassle of climbing all the way inside. You will be able to grab anything you need whilst still standing on the ladder (as long as it is safe - see the tips provided above!).

Tip 3. How to Prevent an Injury Whilst in your Loft

Messy unsafe loft

If you have decided to actually climb up into the loft, then you must consider the following to prevent injury. The number of bodge jobs we have seen in lofts is unbelievable - from old wardrobe doors placed over the joists to items precariously balanced on the joists.

Top tip, get it boarded properly! Watch your headspace too; many people climb up the ladder and as soon as they pop their head into the loft space, their automatic and instant response to search for the item they came for, can result in banging their head on the roof.

In order to minimise accidents, cleaning your loft before using it is also very important. You should check the space for any rusty nails sticking out of the floor or sides and check for chipped sharp bits of wood poking out. Most lofts will have insulation and most likely have wool rolls for that purpose.

If you would like to know how to board your loft effectively, please check out our blog here.

Ensuring Loft Safety with Loft Centre

At Loft Centre, we have many items that will aid and prevent injuries in the loft. Explore our full range of loft ladders, fixed loft ladders and loft ladder accessories that will provide you with extra security and higher loft safety this winter. Rest assured that when you shop with us, you are guaranteed high-quality items that are fully compliant with health and safety regulations.

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