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Choosing the Best Loft Hatch and Ladder Combination

Often, purchasing a brand new loft ladder doesn’t mean you have the best loft hatch cover to go with it, and you may be left wondering how to choose the correct product. New loft ladders sometimes don’t come with hatch doors and, although you may already have one in place, you might be considering replacing it. This is likely if your hatch is an old wooden door that’s well past its life expectancy! You can buy the best loft hatch for your specific needs, one that is far more contemporary, easier to operate, has better insulation and complies with the latest safety standards too.

Drop-down vs Push-up Loft Hatch - Which is the Best Loft Hatch for Your Needs? 

There are a wide range of loft hatches available in different materials, colours and designs. However when it comes to how you will access your loft, there are only two types to choose from, and that’s either a drop-down or push-up hatch. 

Drop-down loft hatches are the most popular and come in different styles, materials (typically plastic or steel) and features.

Push-up loft hatches consist of a separate door and frame. These operate by pushing the door up and out of the way, revealing your loft entrance. However, this type of loft hatch isn’t advisable when using a loft ladder. Due to their draught seals, push-up hatches aren’t very effective as the lid sits in the frame as opposed to being held in place.

Drop-down hatches can include additional polyurethane insulation to stop draughts from getting through. This is designed to maximise heat retention and is great if you’ve already embarked upon a home insulation programme and/or are keen to be green and keep your bills as low as possible. Drop-down loft hatches come in different sizes, so as long as you measure the space before you buy, you can receive the perfect fit for your loft. Drop-down loft hatches are designed to be lightweight for easy manipulation and therefore, require minimal DIY skills for fitting; they will also come with instructions on how to do so. These hatches come in a variety of finishes too, and are compliant with the latest Building Regulations.

4 Considerations on How to Choose the Best Loft Hatch

After evaluating the best loft hatch and ladder compatibility, we recommend the drop-down hatch every time! So here are 4 considerations on how to choose the best loft hatch for your needs.

1. Easy Operation

The modern range of drop-down loft hatches on the market today all benefit from spring-loaded catches, which are easy to operate. They enjoy three-point closing mechanisms and have hinge systems that allow the hatch to be opened for normal and easy access, as well as be removed completely. The latter is particularly useful if you need to move large or bulky items into your loft and therefore need to maximise the opening space to pass items through.

2. Better Insulation

The vast majority of loft hatches in homes are outdated and fit poorly, leading to heat escaping and draughts getting in. In addition, damp can get into your loft space too and damage not only anything you’re storing in there but also the structure of your house. Modern plastic drop-down hatches can act as a triple threat and solve the problems of dampness, heat escape and draughts as the PVC seals provide an effective and strong barrier against these in particular.

3. Matching your decor

You may want to match your loft hatch to your home décor and whilst hatches come in a variety of finishes, materials and colours, you can also paint over the neutral white polyester powder coating to match your existing style.

4. Safety

Modern loft hatches should all comply with the latest safety standards and, if you look at a range such as those available at Loft Centre, you’ll notice one product option is marked as complying with Part L of the Building Regulations. This is important to be aware of when searching for the best (and safest) loft hatch for your home.

Choosing Your Loft Hatch with Loft Centre

It can be challenging when trying to find the best loft hatch for your needs. However. Loft Centre is here to help! When choosing your loft hatch, be sure to check out the tasteful range of easy-to-fit products that combine quality with value for money. Our products are designed for compatibility and compliance, meaning we remove the feeling of overwhelm from your search and provide you with the only options you’ll need. If you are still unsure of the best loft hatch for your needs, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.

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