Staircase Renovation Ideas

If you are thinking about changing or updating your staircase, these staircase renovation ideas will give you lots of inspiration. 

A staircase is often the first thing people see when they step into your home. Despite this, it is not always given the attention it deserves. A striking staircase can be an excellent point of interest in your home, connecting each floor and helping to create a sense of space and light. 


If you are searching for a home renovation project, the staircase is a great place to start, and with careful thought and planning, you can make the most of this space to boost your home's overall aesthetic and its value. 

So what are some fantastic staircase renovation ideas and design options to consider?

Our Top Staircase Renovation Ideas for 2022!

loft ladder wooden

Composity Adjustable Modular Staircase

The Big Renovation Project

If you want to change your entire staircase design and essentially start from scratch, you should consider the kind of look you want to create. Are you going for a grand, architecturally beautiful entrance? Do you want a more contemporary look and feel or something in keeping with a particular period? What kinds of materials do you want to use? Will your staircase be straight or curved or spiral? There are hundreds of different staircases to choose from if you are going for a total revamp, from glass staircases to wooden, steel, or aluminium in all different shapes and sizes. You may wish to carpet your staircase, paint it, or get creative with tiles or stickers. By taking the time to think about what will work with your current decor and the kind of impression you want to achieve, you can ensure you will choose the best type of staircase for your home. 

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Dolle Atlanta Space Saving Stair Kit

In-Built Storage

Creating more storage space in your home is never a bad idea! Often the space under your staircase ends up being dead space or a place where junk can build up. So why not make the most of this space and create proper under-stair storage to store coats and shoes, towels and bedding, games and DVDs, or anything else you like. 


Carpeting or Painting Your Staircase

A quick win that can make a dramatic impact is changing the colour of your staircase by painting it. You can choose to go for a bold new look or refresh the current colour to smarten it up. Alternatively, if you want to go for a totally different vibe, you could choose to add a stair runner or even carpet the whole lot to create a massive difference and for that lovely comforting feeling underfoot too!


Update Your Stair Railings

Another relatively small job that can make a significant impact is changing the stair railings as this can hugely enhance your hallway and landing areas. Depending on time and budget, you could again go for a paint job to change the colour or refresh the existing look. Alternatively, you could replace the handrail and spindles to create a new design that's either traditional or contemporary, depending on your tastes.

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loft ladder wooden

Dolle PROVA Wall Handrail Kit (Aluminium)

Decorating Your Staircase

You can also enhance your staircase, hallway, and landing areas by choosing artwork to hang on the walls. Creating cool gallery walls or choosing one larger, more dramatic piece can boost your interior design credentials and change the whole look and feel of the space. 


Need To Save Space?

Looking for a new loft staircase that saves space? By choosing a space-saving staircase, you can access your loft space in style and still have room on your landing. At Loft Centre, we have a range of different options to choose from depending on your taste. Shop our space-saving stairs today and find a selection of wooden and metal space-saving stairs. Who said loft stairs can’t be stylish?


Don’t Forget About the Lighting! 

Once you've completed your staircase renovation, make sure that you proudly illuminate the fruits of your labour by choosing perfect lighting that compliments your new design. From bright, contemporary spotlights to a sweeping pendular light, choosing proper lighting isn't a decision to make lightly, so make sure you balance practicality with aesthetics to get this exactly right.


Get Started With your Staircase Renovation Today

With these great ideas, you can start your staircase renovation right away! So why not update the look and feel of your home and make renovating your staircase yor next interior design project for 2022?


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