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  • Spring Into Action: Loft Designs to Inspire for 2017

    Trending Loft Designs for 2017

    Lofts, the space above our heads in our houses, should be kept in an appealing and beautiful style. 2017 has been a year of fashionable loft conversions and whether you are looking for a totally new loft or intending to rip out the current one and replace it with a trending one, you have a wide range of options to choose from. Here are some of the trending conversion styles:

    Loft Design Minimalistic


    Recently, the minimalistic style seems to be the most preferable loft conversion. It is not only clean, but its simple design adds a modern touch to it. To attain this style, go for white or cream wallpaper; they offer a soothing shade. Mix it with white and black carpets to give it a pleasant combination. Those who have wooden floors ought to ensure they are of a lighter colour. Everything should be kept to a minimal but focus on those items that will make your loft appear bigger. With this style one should keep off cluttering the room.


    This is a style that proposes the exact opposite of minimalistic. Throw rugs and pillows are much used and covering up as much space in the loft is recommended. Add bookshelves, armchairs and anything you might find appropriate to prevent the loft from appearing bare. Also ensure that anything you use is comfortable and cosy. Warm colours, such as orange and red are preferable, while wooden furniture will work great too.


    This is a style that is gaining popularity fast. It involves the combination of black and white colors, furniture or rugs. The most ideal appearance would be a combination of black furniture and the rest of the stuff white. This will provide a modern and clean look. Monochrome offers a stark contrast to the natural appearance of your room. You can also opt to contrast your white walls with chunky black photo frames. However, it is important to avoid black walls or a black carpet since they might make the room feel a bit closed in.

    Loft Design Industrial


    This is a style that has attained influence from living in the city. It involves great disposal of walls, whether bricks and metal furniture. If the brick wall is not exposed, buy wallpapers that give the illusion of an exposed brickwork, include wooden floorboards and comfortable furniture. Alternatively, you can make good use of exposed steel beams, especially for a self contained unit. To make the room feel warmer, add some rugs, add an abstract painting or get insulation for your loft.

    Those are the top styles circulating the loft industry. No matter your preference, it is always advisable for one to take great precaution when working on lofts. Ensure you use only the industry’s top and approved loft ladders from We have a wide range of loft ladders that provide affordable, practical and stylish access to loft space. They have strong, well shaped rungs and steady stand that ensures users are not only secure but comfortable when working on lofts.

  • Product Feature: Abru Werner 2 Section Wooden Sliding Loft Ladder

    Abru Werner 2 Section Wooden Sliding Loft Ladder

    Lofty Ideas

    In most modern houses, and even quite a few old ones, the attic is usually wasted space or, at best, a cluttered storeroom for old junk. The reasons for this is that the loft is either inaccessible to homeowners or too much trouble to bother with but an Abru Wooden Loft Ladder could change all that.

    Just think how much space you could save around the house if you had the extra storage room that is being unused in the loft. No more stuffing the Christmas decorations under the bed or the summer camping gear on top of a wardrobe! The only problem is how to take advantage of that wasted storage space in the attic!

    Simple Solution

    The only barrier to making full use of wasted attic space is gaining easy and safe access. An Abru Wooden Loft Ladder solves this problem as it is suitable for use even with small attic openings, easy to install and very safe. Made from top quality pine, the timber sliding ladder (TSL) is built in two sections which slide across each other making it compact and requires minimal storage space and clearance room in the attic.

    Key features of an Abru Wooden Loft Ladder include:

    • Solid Construction. Only high grade pine is used in the construction of this wooden sliding loft ladder and it can safely hold a weight of up to 150Kg (23.6 stone).

    • Easy to Use. A spring-assisted assembly system makes lowering, raising and stowing the ladder almost effortless.

    • Easy to Install. The Abru sliding loft ladder was designed for DIY enthusiasts and comes with all the required components and an easy to follow installation guide.

    • Compact and Versatile. The Abru sliding loft ladder will fit most existing openings with 450 x 570mm (1’6” x 1’10”) being the smallest. It can be adjusted to floor heights of up to 3m (9’10”) and requires an arc clearance of 1050mm (3’5”). Attic storage space required for the ladder is just 1.55m (5’1”).

    • Safe and Secure. The Abru sliding ladder conforms to European Standard EN 14975 and is solidly constructed with a width of 360mm (2 feet) and non-slip treads on the 320 x 75mm (12.6” x 3”) rungs. A locking mechanism ensures the two sections are firmly and securely held in place while in use.

    Although not included with the wooden loft ladder, optional grab rails and metal handrails can be added for extra safety.

    Space Savers

    If space is at a premium and you want easy and safe access to the attic, an Abru Wooden Loft Ladder is the solution. Not only are they the easiest to install but they take up no floor space below the loft and only minimal storage space when stored away. Not only that but they are also the least expensive method of opening up your wasted attic as a storeroom, or even a spare room, and freeing up much needed space throughout the house for more important items than the glowing Santa Claus figure or those twenty-year old skates that currently reside in the bedroom wardrobe.


  • Product Feature: Dolle 'Profi Plus' Timber Folding Loft Ladder

    Dolle 'Profi Plus' Timber Folding Loft Ladder

    Looking for the perfect ladder for your loft can take a lot of time and effort. After all, it is important to consider the placement, the material used, and whether the mechanism for opening the ladder will be easy to use. Fortunately with Loft Centre's Dolle 'Profi Plus' Timber Folding Loft Ladder all of the difficulty is taken out of the experience.

    Getting good value out of your loft ladder

    If you are installing a ladder for your loft, there are considerations to make that go above and beyond the price. For example, you should consider:

    the opening mechanism,

    the strength of the ladder,

    whether it is insulated.

    By making these considerations you are sure to find the best ladder for you, especially if you make sure to talk to those who know the product well. There is no use in getting a loft ladder that does not work for you, so check into each of the details and don't be afraid to ask for advice.

    Why pick this timber loft ladder?

    Let's go over some of the reasons that the ladder might be a great fit to improve your home.

    First, it is suitable for a structural opening size of 1400 x 700mm, and folds into a convenient three-sections which makes it easy to store away without taking up too much space. In fact, no further storage space is needed as the ladder closes straight onto the hatch itself.

    The installation is simple, and the ladder comes with non-slip beech treads and plastic feet which will resist any damage to your existing floor and will also provide the ladder with a decent level of stability for those nervous climbers.

    As well as everything you need to install the loft ladder, this product comes with a single red metal handrail. Along with the ladder's stability, even the most anxious ladder-climber will find it easy to climb. If the red metal isn't for you, there is the option of an additional timber handrail.

    Dolle 'Profi Plus' Timber Folding Loft Ladder Handrail

    If you're worried about a breeze or loss of heat from your house with a hatch to the loft, you needn't be. With this timber loft ladder you will have an insulated hatch with a draught excluder, perfect for those colder winter days.

    It is easy to use with an operating pole provided and an espagnolette lock.

    Looking for the perfect timber loft ladder (and finding it)

    This product is one of many at Loft Centre, where you can find the perfect ladder for your loft with experts ready to help with any question you might have. Check out the website for all of your timber loft ladder needs.


  • Looking for a Loft Ladder and Hatch? Start here...

    Loft Ladder and Hatch

    Fitting a loft ladder and hatch will make a considerable difference to any property as it will make easily accessible the often unused space under a roof. But whether it is for a full loft conversion or simply to allow access to additional storage space, making the right decisions and choosing from the wide range of loft ladders and hatches available requires a little thought. Some of the main points to consider are:


    It goes without saying that the loft ladder and hatch must be of suitable length and size to fit both the space in which they are to be installed and the location in which they are sited. That means taking accurate measurements, but also giving thought to what the loft space is going to be used for. An example would be a loft that is to be used as an indoor workroom, where materials are going to be worked. If large sheets of wood or another material are to be taken up to the loft, then the hatch through which access is to be gained will need to be big enough to get materials and tools through. The purpose for which the loft is to be used will also have an impact upon the type and style of ladder and hatch chosen.


    Loft ladders and hatches are usually made of either wood or metal. Both are available in a variety of styles and so choosing which material they are made from is largely a matter of personal choice. Loft ladders can be purchased with either manual or electrical operation. Electrically-equipped versions are generally a little more expensive, but not having to manually operate the ladder means that weight is not such an issue as with a manually operated version. This can reduce the cost of the ladder itself, as lighter materials can prove more expensive.

    Wooden ladders will often have more of a visual appeal than most metal ones, and the variation in colour, grain and style means that loft ladders can be chosen that will match almost any interior design.


    The main types of loft ladder are concertina, sliding and folding. These are the ‘hide away’ type, but fixed ladders and even staircases can be chosen to provide permanent access to the loft. Handrails, non-slip treads and other such features are also available to enhance not only appearance but safety.


    When choosing a loft ladder and hatch there are several distinct factors to take into account: the space available, the desired look, safety features and budget. Selection can be aided by taking advice from those who specialise in the retail and fitting of loft ladders and hatches. There are a number of specialists such as the Loft Centre and their website can be accessed here:


  • Best Loft Ladder - Which One To Choose?

    Tips When Choosing the Best Loft Ladder

    Best Loft Ladder

    A loft is one of the best places for storing those things which are typically not used daily, yet are valuable and need to be accessed occasionally. A sizeable loft can also be turned into a study room, a play centre or even into an extra bedroom for the teen in the home. For anybody requiring access to a loft, a good, safe and sturdy ladder is a must-have.

    Ensuring easy access, loft ladders can help in transforming your home, creating more space. Purchasing the correct loft ladder will give you easy and safe access to more storage space in your loft and also adds to the look of the home.

    But How can you Know The Best?

    If you visit Loft Centre, you’ll discover that we stock a broad range of loft ladders that range from the commercial heavy duty aluminium ladder to the timber loft ladder. Here are several key points to consider when looking for the best loft ladder.

    Available Loft Space

    If your space where you intend to install the loft ladder is somewhat limited, the best option would be the concertina. This type of ladder doesn’t need too much space for installation. If you have some space as well as a slightly better budget, you could decide to go an aluminium ladder. If you have even more space and a higher budget, a timber loft ladder becomes your best option.

    As you choose the ladder, ensure you get one that has been specifically assembled or designed to fit the loft hatch size. You will need to even consider and ensure the pivoting height needed is available, usually 1.1 m above your loft floor. It will not only be very costly but frustrating to buy a loft ladder only to find the measurements don’t match up with your loft.

    Who Will Use The Ladder?

    If your loft ladder is going to be used by teens, young children or older persons for accessing the loft space, you may want to consider installing a space saving staircase with safety in mind. These don’t require to be operated as they are permanently placed similar to a standard set of stairs. These types of loft ladders normally come with handrails as well as a small landing at the top, making them safer for younger and older folks in the home, as they will have something firm to hold on to as they go up and down.

    If the loft ladder is generally to be used by able bodied persons, then the best loft ladder is the sliding model that has a single sturdy handrail. However, a concertina loft ladder can also be sufficient in case the items are not bulky or heavy and can be carried easily.


    Once you have looked at the above key considerations, it is time for you to check what is available in the market. Whether it is Electrical Loft Ladder Variants, Vertical Environments or Dolle loft ladders, Loft Centre offers all styles and sizes so you can be sure you will get the best loft ladder that will perfectly meet your requirements.

    See our selection here:

  • Spiral Staircases Prices - How Affordable Are They Really?

    When remodelling our homes, we very often do not consider the possibility that we might want to integrate a spiral staircase into our new home design. But why not? Very often, DIY enthusiasts and other homeowners are put off from the very notion of a spiral staircase because they believe these to be more expensive than regular staircases. Below, we dispel that myth.

    Spiral Staircase Prices

    A touch of luxury

    There is something opulent about spiral staircases. We tend to associate them with the grand lobbies of hotels or with rich palaces that enable monarchs to make a graceful descent. Spiral staircases are not just for the elite, however: anyone can incorporate a spiral staircase into their home. One beautiful way to use a spiral staircase, for example, is as an access point to a loft space. They also look great when used as a way of reaching a mezzanine level in an open plan home. And, spiral staircase prices are nowhere near so prohibitive as you might think. In fact, they are positively enticing.

    Competitive spiral staircase prices

    At, you will be able to find a brilliant range of spiral staircases, which you can fit in with any type of home decor. What will delight you most, however, is the amazingly low prices that these opulent looking staircases are selling for.

    Saving space and looking good at the same time

    If you are looking for a staircase that will not take up too much room, and that will look wonderful as well, then a spiral staircase is a brilliant choice. There is plenty of room for storage under and around spiral staircases, and they manage to look spacious rather than cramped whilst also not cluttering the room in which they are placed. In addition, if you really want to save space, one smart option to explore is a retractable or folding spiral staircase. This type of spiral staircase is ideal for placing in smaller rooms to provide access to an attic space without taking up any further space at all. Our retractable spiral staircases are very easy to handle, and they slide seamlessly up into the loft when they are not in use. Sturdy, robust and very safe to use they enable you to enjoy the sumptuous look of a spiral staircase in a space friendly and affordable way.

    Why not purchase a spiral staircase today?

    You will be amazed at the difference that the addition of a spiral staircase can make to your home. Do not just take our word for it, though - find out for yourself by trying out a spiral staircase in your home today.

  • Commerical Loft Ladders: Your Design Options and Their Benefits

    There is no doubt that lofts are some of the most functional environments within any home or business. They are able to provide ample storage space, they can be converted into other areas such as an additional bathroom and in many cases, such lofts can even be used as a spare office or apartment. It can still be challenging to access these areas. This is the main reason why Loft Centre has provided a stand-alone selection of commercial loft ladders. Let us take a look at some of the design options that our customers can select.

    Commercial Loft Ladders

    Ceiling Applications

    Ceiling loft ladders are ideal solutions for when space is limited and there is still room for an angled ascent. These ladders can be telescopic in nature; quite appropriate when vertical space is at a premium. Common locations for this design include hallways within a home or office. An attached door will tuck the entire unit away when not in use.


    Vertical Environments

    This variety of commercial loft ladders is a great option when a vertical space needs to be safely accessed. Common applications include crawl spaces that are high above the ground, HVAC maintenance tasks and when users need to perform work above a false ceiling. These ladders offer additional safety features such as a counterbalanced spring operation, sturdy steps and a strong frame made of die-cast aluminium. Many of these models are equipped with a concertina folding mechanism. They can therefore be stored easily and away from unauthorised personnel.


    Roof Access

    Maintenance personnel, electricians and even fire rescue professionals may be required to access a roof from time to time. This category of commercial loft ladders provides a safe and secure entry method. Both aluminium and steel frames are available and these will be based around the needs of the customer. As each is equipped with a steel hatch lining, the aperture can be closed and locked to prevent others from gaining access to the roof. Some models contain the addition of handrails to offer an additional contact point during ascent while others utilise a concertina folding system. These are worthwhile options when the amount of access space is limited. Folding ladders are likewise available.


    Electrical Loft Ladder Variants

    There are several situations when electric commercial loft ladders can prove to be handy. These are commonly used by those who suffer from mobility issues. Electrical variants are also quite effective when substantial heights have to be reached and the user may not have the leverage to manually operate the unit from below. Larger offices and flats with ceilings above 2.5 metres are two examples. These ladders can also be equipped with rails for added safety when ascending and descending.


    These are excellent examples of the selection of commercial loft ladders that are available at the Loft Centre. We encourage you to examine this category in greater detail. Should you have any questions, one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives will be happy to help.

  • Dolle Loft Ladders - Which are right for you?

    Using a Dolle loft ladder gives you easy and safe access to your loft/attic area. There are a wide range of Dolle loft ladders available, including budget aluminium ladders, premium folding timber ladders and space economical concertinas. With such a wide range of loft ladders to choose from, how do you pick the one that is right for you?

    Dolle Loft Ladders

    The type of ladder that you choose will depend on your personal preferences, how often you will use your ladder, as well as the space available. Read on to find out how to discover the right loft ladder for your needs.

    Note: Loft ladders are generally used for accessing a loft for storage space. If you are going to frequently access the loft (for example as a bedroom or home office) then you may want to consider a permanent loft staircase instead.

    Types of Loft Ladders

    There are 3 main types of loft ladders available and they are Sliding ladders, Concertina ladders and Folding ladders. These ladders are made of either timber or metal and each type has their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look at each type:


    Sliding loft ladders are the easiest type to use and are also simple to install. These ladders are typically made of two to three sliding sections, and are attached to joists inside your attic/loft area. The downside to these type of ladders are that they require a clearance space in the loft area for the ladder to slide into when it is not in use. However, most homes have enough space to cover this.


    Concertina ladders are great for saving space, since they don’t require much storage space in your loft when they aren’t in use. They are useful in situations where you only have small openings and have limited space for storing the ladder.

    The Dolle Alufix Concertina loft ladder is available in two versions. One for ceiling entry and another as a vertical loft ladder.


    Folding ladders fold up in sections and are stacked up on each other, when they are not in use.

    Folding ladders are the most popular type of loft ladder as they are practical, and are smoother and quieter to operate in comparison to a Concertina. They are made of timber and tend to feel more secure when using them, as opposed to an aluminium ladder. Some timber folding ladders from Dolle also include the benefit of fire rated timber for your peace of mind.


    Dolle loft ladders are a convenient way to safely access your loft area. With the 3 types of loft ladders available (sliding, concertina and folding) you will be able to find the right loft ladder for your personal circumstances.

    The Loft Centre has wide selection of Dolle Loft Ladders available for purchase. To view the selection available or get more information visit:

  • 2017: The Perfect Time to Convert Your Loft

    As the new year quickly approaches, many of us are considering renovations within our homes. One of the most common and beneficial solutions is a loft conversion. Why is this project so popular and what are some of the main benefits that you will be able to enjoy during 2017 and beyond?

    Loft Conversion 2017

    Increased Living Space

    The most obvious advantage of a loft conversion is that it will offer you and your family an additional amount of living space. This could be an excellent idea if you are expecting another child or if a young adult is returning home from university. However, other alternatives such as an arts and crafts room are just as viable.


    Storage Needs

    Lofts conversions are often performed to free up storage space within a home. This is particularly the case if you live in a smaller property or if you are tired of having to walk through excess clutter within your garage. Lofts are also beneficial due to the fact that they can be used to house delicate items such as antiques or electronics without having to worry about any damage from moisture or the elements.


    Better Thermal Insulation

    The majority of homes within the United Kingdom tend to lose heat through the attic and the roof. This can be addressed through a loft conversion. Modern building codes dictate that adequate amounts of insulation must be present in order for the project to pass inspection. So, such a conversion is an ideal means to save money on heating costs from a long-term point of view.


    A Guest Room

    There are many instances when you may wish to add a guest room and you do not have the money to construct an entire extension onto you home. Transforming an unused space into a loft is a very practical means to accomplish this goal. Also, we should point out that the typical cost of a conversion is far less than the total financial commitment required to perform a complex renovation.


    An Additional Bathroom

    Many areas within an attic are able to access the existing household plumbing system. On occasion, this could be a great opportunity to add a bathroom to your home. Many growing families will choose this option to enjoy an extra level of convenience.


    Increased Property Value

    Finally, we should mention that any loft conversion will add value to your home. It has been shown that average resale values can typically increase between 20 and 25 per cent. Not only is this a massive benefit from an investing perspective, but lofts prove to be highly popular within this competitive marketplace.


    There are naturally a number of important concerns that you will need to address during the conversion process itself. Should you require only the most reliable loft ladders, Loft Centre is here to help. Please contact us at your convenience to view our selection as well as to obtain additional advice on the most impressive ladder solutions.

  • Review of the Dolle Madrid Wooden Space Saving Staircase Kit

    The Dolle Madrid Wooden Space Saving Staircase Kit has the same look and feel as a traditional Madrid Staircase. The classic, clean and modern design and the light yet robust wood are all there. The one key difference is that this staircase kit is ideal for saving space.

    Dolle Madrid Wooden Space Saving Staircase Kit

    Space saving features to give your home plenty of room

    The Dolle Madrid Wooden Space Saving Staircase Kit is positioned at a steeper angle than other Madrid staircase products, however you would hardly notice this to look at it. The stair angle is 63° which does not feel too steep when you are climbing the stairs. But, this different angle means that you save much more space in front of the staircase, making this staircase kit perfect for smaller apartments or indeed any room where you want to create a feeling of spaciousness. Because of its space saving features, this staircase can be kept in position at all times without it cluttering up the room. However, there is also the option of rolling the staircase up and posting it away into the loft space to save even more space in the room. The staircase is very easy to roll up and down meaning that accessing the loft offers a minimum of hassle.



    The Dolle Madrid Wooden Space Saving Staircase Kit is also very adaptable. It comes in an elegant spruce wood design, which in and of itself looks very appealing. However, this wood is also ready to stain or varnish if you want to make the staircase fit in more readily with the existing decor in your home.


    User friendliness

    This staircase feels very sturdy and safe to use, though it is worth noting that if the floor to floor height in the room that you are using it in is less than 2980 mm, the staircase will need to be cut down to size. There is also the option of having a handrail installed to make accessing the loft even easier. In addition, the staircase is very easy to construct. It comes in a flat pack form and can be put together without needing any special tools. So, in terms of both installation and use, the Dolle Madrid Wooden Space Saving Staircase Kit is very user friendly.


    To find out more about the Dolle Madrid Wooden Space Saving Staircase Kit and to order one then click here. At the time of writing it is on special offer reduced from £156.00 to £144.00!

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