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Arke Kompact Adjustable Modular Stair Kit


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The highly versatile Arke Kompact, can be installed in a number of configurations to suit those tricky or tight access applications. A choice of various colour combinations mean that the stair will fit in seamlessly with both traditional and contemporary décor.

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Arke Kompact Modular Stair Kit - Information
Construction: Manufactured in Steel & Timber (Beech)
Colour Option:
Black (RAL 9017)
White (RAL 9010)
Grey (RAL 9006)
Overall Stair Width: 740mm (Kompact 74) or
890mm (Kompact 89)
Useable Tread Width: 700mm (Kompact 74) or
850mm (Kompact 89)
Floor to Floor Heights: 2250mm to 3030mm (Standard Kit)
2420mm to 3730mm (requires additional Tread Kit(s))
- see Technical Data section
Individual Rise: adjustable from 170mm to 235mm
Configuration Choice: Kompact L - 90 degree turn
Kompact U - 180 degree turn
see "Kompact Example Layouts" - Downloads section
Adjustable Tread Goings: Kompact 74 - 180mm to 220mm
Kompact 89 - 220mm to 260mm
No. of Treads 
(Standard Kit):
12 Treads (13 Rises)
Handrail Type: 42mm Solid Beech 
Light Natural or Dark tinted colour options
Baluster Type: 20mm Steel Balusters (black // white // grey colour options)
Tread Detail: Solid 42mm thick Beech Treads (varnished
either in a Light Natural or Dark tinted colour option 
- see Product Images
Optional Railing Kits: see "Kompact Optional Railing Kits" - Downloads section
Optional Upper Floor Balustrade Kit: Supplied in a 1200mm length (comprises of 10 balusters, handrail & fixings)
Optional Riser Bar Kit: A Riser Bar is fitted to each tread so it conforms to the 100mm gap rule (distance between the treads not exceeding 100mm) - see Product Images
N.B - A Riser Bar will not be required to be installed under the 1st tread of the Kompact Stair Kit

Note: You will need to check with your local building authority to make sure the Kompact Modular Stair Kit for your application is acceptable with Riser Bars.

Information and installation downloads:
(Size: 510.6 KB)
Arke Kompact Modular Stair Kit - Heights
Staircase HeightNo. of TreadsNo. of RisesAdditional Tread
Kits Required
1910 mm - 2550 mm 10 11 -
2080 mm - 2790 mm 11 12 -
2250 mm - 3030 mm * 12 13 -
2420 mm - 3270 mm 13 14 1
2580 mm - 3490 mm 14 15 2
2750 mm - 3730 mm 15 16 3

 The standard Kompact Stair Kit is supplied with 12 Treads suitable for a floor height between 2250mm to 3030mm. If you have a lower floor height, then the Kompact Stair Kit can be adapted to suit this by just using less treads than the 12 supplied.

Arke Kompact Modular Stair Kit - Extras
ProductsPrice (£)
Kompact 74 (12 Treads) - 'L' Configuration £1782.00
Kompact 74 (12 Treads) - 'U' Configuration £1782.00
Kompact 89 (12 Treads) - 'L' Configuration £2160.00
Kompact 89 (12 Treads) - 'U' Configuration £2160.00
Kompact 74 - Extra Tread Kit ** £162.00
Kompact 89 - Extra Tread Kit ** £204.00
Optional Railing Kit - with 5 balusters ** £78.00
Upper Floor Balustrade Kit - 1200mm in length ** £162.00
Kompact 74 Riser Bar Kit - with 12 bars ** £138.00
Kompact 89 Riser Bar Kit - with 12 bars ** £138.00

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