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Arke Kloe Spiral Stair Kit

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The Kloe Spiral Stair is a striking addition to the Arke range.  The stair offers a very modern yet classic look to suit a wide variety of aesthetic tastes. If you’re looking for an eye-catching spiral stair, that’s easy to install and comfortable to use, then this really is the stair for you.

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Arke Kloe Spiral Stair Kit - Information
Construction: Manufactured in Steel & Timber (Beech)
Spiral Rotation: Clockwise or Anti-clockwise
Application: Indoor use
Metalwork Colour Option: Black (RAL 9017)
White (RAL 9010)
Grey (RAL 9006) 
Stair Diameter Choice: 1200mm 1400mm 1600mm
Opening Size:
1200mm Diameter = 1250mm Opening
1400mm Diameter = 1450mm Opening
1600mm Diameter = 1650mm Opening
Floor to Floor Heights: 2100mm to 2580mm (requires a 820mm Centre Post)
2530mm to 3060mm (Standard Kit)
2960mm to 3770mm (requires additional Tread Kit(s))
- see Technical Data section 
Individual Rise: adjustable from 210mm to 235mm
No. of Treads 
(Standard Kloe Kit):
12 Treads + 1 Landing Tread
Landing Tread: Triangular design
Tread Angles 1200mm Diameter = 32.2°
1400mm Diameter = 29.4°
1600mm Diameter = 27.2°
Handrail Type: 42mm wood effect PVC with aluminium core
Balustrade Detail: Made up of 27mm steel balusters with stainless steel cables running parallel to the handrail
Tread Detail: Solid 42mm thick Beech Treads (varnished) either in a Light Natural or Dark tinted colour option
Optional Upper Floor Balustrade Kit: Supplied in a 1200mm length (comprises of 5 balusters, cables, handrail & fixings)
Information and installation downloads:
(Size: 383.2 KB)
Arke Kloe Spiral Stair - Heights
Staircase HeightNo. of RisesTread Kits RequiredHandrail & Cable
Kits Required
Column Kits Required
2100 mm - 2350 mm 10 - - 1 **
2310 mm - 2580 mm 11 - - **
2530 mm - 2820 mm 12 - - -
2740 mm - 3060 mm 13 -------------- (Standard Kit) --------------
2960 mm - 3300 mm 14 1 - -
3170 mm - 3530 mm 15 2 * 1 of each 2 **
3380 mm - 3770 mm 16 3 * 1 of each **

 If two or more Tread kits have been applied to the Staircase then it will be necessary to purchase the supplementary Handrail & Cable Items. This is required so the climbing balustrade can be extended to reach the landing floor.

** The Column Kits (Small Centre Post) measure 820mm in length and are required to replace the existing Column Kit (1250mm in length) provided in the Standard Kloe Stair Kit. In doing this the lower or higher floor heights can be achieved.

Arke Kloe Spiral Stair Kit - Extras
ProductsPrice (£)
Kloe Stair Kit - 1200mm Diameter - 12 Treads + 1 Landing Tread £1632.00
Kloe Stair Kit - 1400mm Diameter - 12 Treads + 1 Landing Tread £1872.00
Kloe Stair Kit - 1600mm Diameter - 12 Treads + 1 Landing Tread £1920.00
Additional Tread Kit (1200mm Diameter) ** £162.00
Additional Tread Kit (1400mm Diameter) ** £162.00
Additional Tread Kit (1600mm Diameter) ** £162.00
Upper Floor Balustrade Kit - 1200mm in length ** £192.00
Supplementary Handrail Kit - 1200mm in length ** £48.00
Supplementary Cable Kit ** £60.00
Column Kit (Small Centre Post) - 820mm in length ** £42.00

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